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The Ipco Plug®

The maintenance of shell-and-tube coolers often requires fast and safe leak sealing. A turnaround and restart of the plant often leads to installation delays and a significant increase in downtime costs. With IPCO-Plugs®, tube plugs IPX1 or IPX4, you can seal your heat exchanger more safely and quickly than with conventional systems and significantly reduce installation and repair time.

Accessories //


The installation kit consists of a hydraulic operated setting tool and is supplied complete in a robust hard case. The IPCO installation tool is used to install the IPCO plug. A high degree of safety has been taken into account in the design. The setting tool is equipped with a robust break-out protection as standard. It is possible to remove this break-out guard for working in confined spaces. In addition, the IPCO setting tool always installs the pipe plug in one go. This saves time, avoids human error and improves the function of the IPCO pipe plug.


For the installation of the IPCO plug it is necessary to use the correct pull rod group. For both IPCO plugs (X1 and X4) the same pull rods are used for the respective area.


Under certain circumstances, a tie rod extension may be required. This is used when water boxes and/or baffles are present or when servicing Air-Fin coolers. The IPCO tie rod extension consists as standard of a 300 mm long assemblable unit.


A checking gauge is used to check the correct plug size. Each set of IPCO plugs contains a checking gauge as standard. With a complete test gauge set (supplied in a case), all sizes of the IPX1 plug are available to you. This test gauge set also allows you to determine which pipe brush is necessary to fit the IPX4 plug before installation. This prevents unnecessary stockouts or the need to return products that may have been ordered incorrectly. The engraved size indication of the test gauge corresponds to the size of the IPX1 plug or the IPX4 brush.


Before you seal the tube or tube sheet securely, the inside must be brushed. The IPCO pipe brush was developed for 3 applications:

There are two types of brushes: a brush for hard materials (marked blue) and a brush for soft materials (marked yellow). The brushes are available in three ways: individually, as a brush set together with an IPX4 tube plug set, or in a case as a brush set. This way you always have the right brush size at hand.


In individual cases it may be necessary to remove a pipe plug. For example, if a pipe has been insufficiently pre-treated or if the pipe has cracked during pipe rolling. With the removal tool, the pipe plugs can be removed evenly, quickly and easily. This hand tool consists of a
unit and is therefore strong, robust and durable.

Test pistols //

With the pipe test guns, pipes can be pneumatically tested for leaks safely, reliably and quickly.

Both test guns (one active and one inactive test gun) function fully pneumatically. For a test, only the active test gun needs to be connected to a compressed air system. Both test guns must be equipped with the correct seal holders and seal rubbers. These must then be inserted at both ARohr ends. The active test gun is used to build up pressure and has two functions:

1. on the one hand, the sealing rubbers of both test guns expand, causing them to seal the pipe on both sides.
On the other hand, this builds up pressure in the pipe with which the tightness can be checked for leaks.

After the correct test pressure is reached, the air supply is cut off at the active test gun. The pressure gauges of both guns indicate whether the pressure in the pipe remains stable or drops. In this way it can be determined whether your pipe is leaking.