InduVert GmbH becomes supplier for APRIS from Talcyon (SIN)

InduVert GmbH received the exclusive distribution rights for the sale of the complete APR inspection system for the German market on 19.08.2022.

Talcyon Pte. ltd (SIN) is the manufacturer of the patented acoustic pulse reflectometric inspection system called APRIS. This non-destructive inspection system consists of an acoustic transceiver unit, associated adapter, cables and power supply, and is designed to detect and record any type of change in a pipe. Regardless of the pipe diameter, material or type of heat exchanger, blockages, deposits or holes can be detected.

This location-based information is captured more quickly and can therefore also be reported more quickly than conventional systems. This means that your plant is ready for operation again more quickly.

InduVert, IPCO and Talcyon are committed to providing you with our best possible support to ensure the best possible return on your APRIS investment.