APRIS from Talcyon

Distribution agreement.

This message has been prepared to inform you about the agreement between Talcyon Pte. ltd (Singapore), IPCO B.V. (Netherlands) and InduVert GmbH.

With this reseller agreement, InduVert GmbH has received exclusive authorisation for the German market to sell the acoustic pulse reflectometric inspection system - APRIS.

Talcyon Pte. ltd is the manufacturer of the patented "Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry Inspection System" called APRIS. This acoustic ImPulse Reflectometry Inspection System consists of a sonic gun, associated power supply, adapters and cables, and a laptop with appropriate software. This is non-invasive and sound sensitive and is designed to inspect any type of pipe and material in any heat exchanger or boiler or similar application. It is used to detect tube ID defects such as corrosion (pitting), holes (leakage), blockages (deposits), etc.

IPCO B.V. has been granted exclusive distribution rights for the German, Dutch, Belgian and Luxembourg markets. While InduVert GmbH (Germany) is contracted with IPCO B.V. exclusively for the provision of sales services and distribution of IPCO Plugs® with associated accessories and the complete APRIS inspection system for the German market.

Taylcon Pte. ltd // IPCO B.V. // InduVert GmbH is fully committed as a team to provide our customers with the best possible equipment and services to achieve the best possible results. We look forward to the positive feedback from the industrial market.