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NEW: APRIS from Talcyon

APRIS is a non-destructive pipe testing system. It consists of an acoustic transmitter/receiver unit, an adapter, cables and a power supply unit. APRIS was developed to acoustically scan the inside of the pipe and thus detect and register any kind of changes such as blockages, deposits or holes.

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The Ipco Plug®

The maintenance of heat exchangers often requires a quick and safe leak sealing. A turnaround with restarting the system often lead to a significant increase in downtime costs if installation is delayed. With the IPCO-Plugs®, IPX1 or IPX4, you can seal your heat exchangers more safely and quickly than with conventional systems and significantly reduce the installation and repair time.

The Ipco Plug® //

The IPCO plugs are also certified in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive.
PED certified. This means that the design and manufacture of IPCO plugs meet strict, basic safety requirements. This provides additional safety for operators.

Therefore, IPCO plugs comply with the essential safety requirements set out in the Pressure Equipment Directives (PED). IPCO has procedures in place to ensure that production is always in compliance with the directives. The PED quality mark is a prerequisite for high quality products. IPCO plugs are manufactured under strict supervision:

In order to be able to permanently guarantee the above, the IPCO plugs are certified according to module B and D of the PED 2014/68/EU (PED) and are firmly linked to the ISO certification. This records all measured variables, such as pressure and temperature (in accordance with the EU standard), as well as harmonisation of materials, calculations and drawings. IPCO strives to deliver safe and sustainable products. IPCO also sets high standards regarding suppliers, raw materials, storage, product packaging and internal and external quality controls. Every effort is made to eliminate potential concerns and provide customers with safe products that last a long time.

The Ipco Plug® //

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